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Born in 1982, a current resident of Santa Cruz, Ca. Jesse is a tall, fun, and happy guy who loves photography and the gorgeous scenery of the central coast. Very thankful for a supportive family and group of friends that have inspired him to chase his passions and reach for his goals, he has build a thriving real estate photography and videography business that is growing by the year. 


Jesse has worked for companies such as Powell Peralta, KR3W, Supra, and currently Westek Electronics. All very progressive companies in different industries that taught Jesse a lot of key business “do's and dont's.”


​Future goals to become one of the top real estate photographers in California and start a family are his priorities. If you see him around his home town of Santa Cruz, don't be afraid to say hi. He will greet you with a smile and probably say something to make you laugh a little. 





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